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One for One Principle - We plant a tree for every product we sell

One of our proudest achievements is our partnership with the Cauvery Calling initiative.

Cauvery Calling aims to plant 242 crore trees in 12 years.
O’Greens aims to grow 10,00,000 trees with this initiative in the next 5 years.

Cauvery, like almost all rivers in India, is forest-fed. Historically, this region was covered in forests and tree cover. The soil was constantly replenished with nutrients and organic matter by animal waste and plant litter. Organic matter allowed the soil to absorb water, and thus feed Cauvery.

Growing human populations and inefficient agriculture practices have led to an extreme loss of tree cover and the soil is no longer sufficiently replenished. The soil no longer absorbs water efficiently and suffers erosion instead. As a result, the river is drying up. The falling water levels and dying soil are taking a devastating toll on our farmers, who suffer failed harvests and crippling debt.

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