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Making a difference
to our future together

We’re aiming to impact millions of lives, inspire people to make the right food choices, and create a shift for the entire planet to turn vegan.

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We are unique

100% Vegan

We are fully committed to the vegan lifestyle, and our products are made from all vegan ingredients.

100% Natural

We have partnered with local farmers and across the country, ensuring that our products are made from all-natural ingredients.

Made in India

We are proud to be an entirely Indian brand, from design and sourcing to manufacturing and sale.


Sustainability is built into our core brand DNA, and we strive to ensure a balance with Mother Nature, giving back more than we take

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These high powered energy bars are enough to spur you on to an afternoon work-out and keep The Hangry at bay.

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Energy Bliss Balls

At O’Greens, we’d like to think we’re spearheading this new health food revolution, by offering products which are not just delicious, but also all-natural, organic and gluten free

Why we are
100% Vegan

It is our goal to create a shift to a healthier lifestyle, not just for our customers, but for Mother Earth as well.


It’s rare to find a person who isn’t in some way either in love with or fascinated by animals. And it’s rarer still to find someone who would be alright with causing intentional harm to any animal.


Veganism encourages a purposeful, more conscientious lifestyle. It inspires us to learn more about the food we consume, and it shows us the true benefits and stellar results of a plant-based diet.


By now it is fairly common knowledge that the meat and dairy industry is one of the foremost polluters of the environment. The methane emissions from dairy and meat producing factories are the largest greenhouse gas emitters, along with carbon monoxide from automobiles.

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We believe in
giving back

At O’Greens, we have personally committed to living the vegan lifestyle in our own lives, and we encourage all our partners and employees to do the same. Because we know, that to make true, lasting change in the world at large, we must first make true, lasting change in our own lives.

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