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"We all have two homes — this planet, and our body. Treat them sacred"

For the majority of our time on this planet, human beings have always strived to live in harmony with Mother Nature. We’ve known what was in our food, because we grew it, foraged it, cultivated it with our own bare hands. We enjoyed not only a nutritional and healthy connection to our food but a spiritual one.


As we’ve discovered industrialization, however, Mother Nature seems to have taken a back seat. Today, it has become almost impossible to go even a day without consuming some form of processed food. This is disturbing, to say the least, more so for the repercussions, this has towards the health and sustainability of the planet.

There is now a movement, led by conscientious individuals and brands, which is working towards reconnecting us with this planet that gives us sustenance. And at O’Greens, we’d like to believe we’re spearheading this revolution.


With every bite of our oh-so-delicious health products, you’ll hear Mother Nature heave a long-overdue sigh of relief. You’ll taste the goodness of the Earth as it shows its gratitude in every crunchy, delectable nibble. And you’ll know in your heart that you’re that much closer to once again living in perfect spiritual harmony with the Earth.

Our Journey

Our founder set the ball rolling, and the rest of us followed, all artisanal guns blazing. We had one simple yet Herculean goal when we began — to craft health food which was not only packed with the most nutritionally rich, organic and 100% natural ingredients, but was also more delicious and flavourful than anything else available on the market. Easy peasy, this was not. 

We set off. We explored the length and breadth of our own bountiful country — a simultaneously physical, emotional and spiritual journey — to rediscover the science of Ayurveda, and track down long-lost ingredients that were once thought to have magical properties. 

At the end of our journey, with our ingredients sourced, we began a new one — to combine everything we brought back, and create health bars of the highest calibre, rich not only in their nutritional value, but also in flavour. Finally, after all this time, we’re satisfied, confident that we’ve created a line of health bars that are unparalleled in every conceivable way. 

Go ahead, take a bite, and begin your own journey with us.

“When you’re eating something, you’re not only consuming the physical ingredients that go into that food, but also the consciousness of everyone involved in the process of making that food — from the cook to the farmer.”

– Bhagavad Gita

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